Digital Marketing: What, Why and How?

Digital Marketing: What, Why and How?

The simplest definition of digital marketing is a marketing using digital tools such as social media, search engine marketing, blogging and video creation. It mainly used for communicating value to the customers by using digital tools. The difference between the traditional market and the digital market is that; Traditional market focuses more on the tools than the strategy behind them such as magazine, newspaper, television, radio, and billboard.

Digital Marketing mainly offers all their services on the internet, but it also includes non-internet channels such as mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. In essence, Digital marketing channels normally used digital networks to create, accelerate and transmit the product value to the customers by using the systems based on the internet.

How digital marketing is going to help business growth in Sudan

The main idea is to assist the companies and organization in Sudan to build their presence in the digital market. Also it offers a training session to the companies’ team to help them understand the digital media better and faster. The utilization of digital marketing in the digital area helps to encourage the support of the online customers, by providing 24 hours services to them. So that will let the customers feel supported and valued.

Social Media Platforms

The social media has become a very well- known platform for sharing information, collecting a real world data and easy to access from all over the world. Therefore, most of the companies nowadays are searching for the business and marketing through theses platforms. Moreover, the resources and the business performance that have been collected from these sites continue to become undeveloped. Hopefully applying digital marketing course will help the manager and the financial advisor to improve their strategy to profit from these platforms by enhancing the business performance.

Companies’ increasing investment in social media especially, Facebook—has become a fact. However, majority of the companies do not have the knowledge of enhancing the business performance through social network. They still do not see the value of social networks in promoting, winning customer loyalty and building brand awareness. Social media works in enhancing the relations that increase customer satisfaction, trust, real value, and commitment. This shows an opportunity for marketers to fulfill customer loyalty.

The use of social media in the digital marketing helps the brand to collect all the feedbacks that they need from their customers either positive or negative. Which, it assists them to recognize if their social media platforms work well for them or not. For instance, customers will write all the comments and post all the reviews on their experiences of products or brand online by using the social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites. Now, it becomes very common to use digital marketing in businesses because it also encourages the customers to have a direct contact with the brand through the social media platforms. Moreover, Information is easy to access at a fast rate through the use of digital communications.

Digital Marketing and Social Media:

Digital marketing focuses more in customer behavior than on the companies. Changes in consumer behavior require firms to rethink their marketing strategies in the digital domain. Currently, a significant portion of the associated research is focused more on the customer than on the firm. To redress this shortcoming, this study adopts the perspective of the firm to facilitate an understanding of digital marketing and social media usage as well as its benefits and inhibitors. The second generation of Internet-based applications enhances marketing efforts by allowing firms to implement innovative forms of communication and co-create content with their customers. Based on a survey of marketing managers, this article shows that firms face internal and external pressures to adopt a digital presence in social media platforms. Firms’ digital marketing engagement can be categorized according to perceived benefits and digital marketing usage. To improve digital marketing engagement, marketers must focus on relationship-based interactions with their customers. This article demonstrates how some firms are already accomplishing just that.

What you can learn from Digital Marketing courses ?

By learning digital marketing will help you to obtain real-world knowledge through internet by assigning different responsibilities, which are designed to give you a solid grasp of internet marketing activities which may include but are not limited to:

  • Customer Value Optimzation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analytics and Metrics
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Reporting and performance tracking
  • Conversion Centered Website Design
  • Ecommerce Marketing

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